Social Value Management

Set and and track project Social Value plans.

Use Compliance Chain to develop and manage project Social Value plans

Compliance Chain Social Value Management tool enables users to manage all project Social Value activities in one collaborative location. Using national guidance, users set and lock social value targets at the beginning of the project life-cycle. Progress is then tracked within the platform with easy to upload evidence tools. In addition, buyers can download and print branded PDF reports summarising all project social value activities, which can be used as a case study to support with future bid writing.

Key Features

Set and lock social value targets

The Compliance Chain platform allows members to set specific social value plans within their project dashboards. Social Value plans can be created at the start of the project lifecycle and with specific targets placed against each of the core value areas including employability, responsible business, wellbeing, environmental and improvement. Once agreed the social value plan for the project can be locked by the project owner.

Track delivery against national measures

The Social Value Delivery function within the Compliance Chain platform allows users to apply monetary values to social value activity delivered across their projects. Using the pre-populated proxy values from national measures, users can build a complete overview of the social value being delivered across their projects.

Mandatory evidence against targets

As a project progresses, and individual social value measures are achieved, users can upload evidence directly into each project dashboard within the Compliance Chain platform. Documents, plain text, and imagery can be tagged against each specific social value measure. The Social Value Delivery function of the Compliance Chain platform also exports data into easily readable PDF reports, all at the click of a button.

Track real-time progress

To ensure projects do not complete without the committed social value outcomes being achieved, the Social Value Delivery function within the project dashboard displays a real time live progress bar. This allows all project stakeholders to view at any time across the project lifecycle exactly how each of their projects are progressing against their individual social value targets.

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