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We grant clients and principal contractors complete visibility and control over their supply chain, project management and social value management. We support suppliers in gaining visibility and accessing new business opportunities along with demonstrating their compliance.

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Compliance Chain is used by Public Sector Clients across the UK to manage their construction projects. Our solutions are used by clients to review the ongoing compliance and financial standing of their subcontractors, implement live monthly project reporting, and ensure their projects are delivering demonstrable social value in line with the national measures.
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Principal Contractors

Compliance Chain works with a host of principal contractors appointed by the clients to assist in the successful delivery of construction projects. Unlike our competitors, we offer an all in cost effective solution to principal contractors needs for supply chain, project and social value delivery.
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Compliance Chain is used by Subcontractors, Material Suppliers, Professional Services and  Principal Contractors to demonstrate their compliance whilst enhancing their visibility to principal contractors and clients. 
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About Us
We originated as a tool for supply chain compliance, specifically for Procure Partnerships Frameworks. With over 80 contractors on the framework, we saw the need to manage their compliance – from insurances to presentations and more. From initially looking at market leaders like Construction Line, we realised that existing solutions weren’t meeting our needs. That’s when we decided, why not create our own tool? This laid the foundation for us to evolve from just a supply chain monitoring tool to something much more significant.
Direct challenges lead to clear solutions. Here’s our journey through these obstacles to creating the all in one construction software solution.

The Problem

Managing and ensuring that clients worked with compliant contractors. The reliance on Word documents, and Excel sheets for capturing vital data. The rising importance of tracking social value, with existing market solutions like the Social Value Portal being criticised as non-user-friendly and confusing. Existing systems in the market, such as Construction Line, had issues with long verification times (up to two weeks) and were not user-friendly.

The Solution

Starting with our supply chain monitoring foundation, we expanded our capabilities to include project management. Suppliers could now be assigned to projects, enabling more structured monthly reporting. Recognising the demand for tracking social value, we integrated a new reporting tool, designed to be more user-friendly than competitors. Unlike other platforms, our solution aims to be a one-stop-shop. With the integration of features like quick verifications (within 48 hours) and a user-friendly interface.

The Future

While we’ve made significant strides in streamlining supply chain compliance and project management, our journey is far from over. We’re committed to ongoing improvements based on user feedback and market demands. We envision a future where our platform isn’t just an industry standard but an essential component in every construction project. Our goal is to continue minimising costs and frustrations for our users, providing an all-encompassing platform where everything is easily accessible and user-friendly.

Meet The Execs

Adam Cochrane


Beth Sutton​

Beth Sutton


Newly appointed social value expert Lizz Lee as their new Social Value Specialist.

Lizz Lee


Luke Spooner


We’re here for the journey. Our commitment to your success goes beyond just providing cutting-edge construction software; it extends to offering the support you need, when you need it.

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