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SSIP Assessments included for suppliers with Silver memberships or above.

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British Safety Council

British Safety Council


Level 7



I am a Subcontractor

Registering as a subcontractor will open your business up to more work opportunities with Principal Contractors and Public Sector clients who use Compliance Chain. Once your account is verified, you will become visible when buyers are searching for suppliers.
Material Supplier
British Safety Council

British Safety Council


Level 7



I am a Material Supplier

Material Suppliers can demonstrate their ongoing compliance across the standard set of Compliance Chain competency areas as well as Ethical Sourcing. Material Suppliers would benefit from registering for either bronze, silver, or gold supplier memberships.
British Safety Council

British Safety Council


Level 7



I am a Professional Services Business

Professional Services Organisations can promote their offering by signing up as a Compliance Chain ‘supplier member’ and become visible to leading Principal Contractors, as well as gaining access to exclusive networking events.
British Safety Council

British Safety Council


Level 7



I am a Principal Contractor

Once verified, Principal Contractor members become visible to Compliance Chain Public Sector Buyers.
If you would like to use Compliance Chain to manage your supply chain, report on projects and track social value, you would benefit from for a Principal Contractor Membership. Find out more.

Why demonstrating your compliance makes winning more work easy

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Being registered with Compliance Chain can enhance your visibility within the construction industry.

Buyers often use the platform to search for pre-qualified and verified suppliers, making it easier for registered suppliers to connect with potential clients.

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Compliance Chain vetting process adds credibility to registered suppliers.

Buyers will have confidence in your qualifications, capabilities, and compliance, which leads to trust and more contract opportunities.
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You will avoid duplicating efforts when it comes to documentation and qualifications.

Once registered with Compliance Chain, this information is accessible to multiple buyers, reducing the need to provide the same documentation repeatedly.
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Streamlined document storage, retrieval, and sharing will improve efficiency across your organisation.

The Compliance Chain platform will ensure all key company documentation and policies are stored safely in one easily accessible location.
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We will facilitate business to business introductions direct to industry buyers.

Compliance Chain also hosts events and offers networking opportunities within which will help you establish valuable connections and partnerships.
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Registered suppliers will have access to training, support, and resources offered by Compliance Chain.

This will help you to improve business practices and continuously improve.

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Principal contractors can sign up for either a supplier or buyer membership, depending on what they want to use Compliance Chain for. You can sign up as a Supplier to become visible to Compliance Chain buyers and opportunities. Alternatively, you can register as a Buyer if you want to create and manage your own projects. You will gain unlimited access to all functionalities including Supply Chain Management, Project Management and Social Value Delivery. With a Buyer membership, you also receive a free ‘Gold’ level supplier membership for your first year.

We have a dedicated Compliance Management Team who manually assess and verify all supplier’s information that is submitted (certificates, insurances etc). They also ensure that suppliers within the platform stay verified by contacting you when documents are due to expire.
As soon as you have fully registered for your membership, you will have immediate access to your profile. Once you have uploaded your information, we aim to verify you within 48 hours.
Compliance Chain was created to connect and support the entire supply chain and project team by holding core functionalities for both buyers and suppliers. We set ourselves apart from other platforms by bringing two elements (buyer and supplier support) into one user-friendly platform, where all aspects of a project including Supply Chain Management, Project Management/Reporting and Social Value Delivery can be managed, reducing time and money spent on using several platforms.
Each Compliance Chain membership receives their own unique Compliance Chain number, which can be provided when tendering/bidding for projects to demonstrate that you pre-qualify. Once verified as a supplier, your business becomes searchable by Buyer Organisations who are actively looking to grow their supply chain. 
Construction suppliers would benefit from a Compliance Chain’s membership to demonstrate they meet compliance regulatory requirements, and contractual obligations.


Compliance is critical for winning contracts as many clients and principal contractors require suppliers to demonstrate their adherence to safety, environmental, and quality standards before awarding projects. Moreover, maintaining a strong compliance record enhances a supplier’s reputation, instilling trust among clients and stakeholders. Compliance software not only helps suppliers achieve and document their compliance but also ensures transparency and accountability in their operations, thus increasing their chances of securing contracts.

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