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Project Management
Project Management

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Capture live data
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Capture live data across the entire project lifecycle

The key to any project success is robust reporting. Compliance Chain provides an area where clients and suppliers can collaborate across one single reporting platform. The reporting function within the Compliance Chain platform captures key project information throughout the project lifecycle. covering pre-construction, construction, handover and aftercare.


Bespoke project KPIs

Buyers can choose to use the in-built Compliance Chain suite of project KPIs, or build their own bespoke question set relevant to each construction phase. Reports can be shared and requested from all project stakeholders, including client surveys once a project has completed.

Exportable PDF Reports

Data captured within each project reporting area can be populated and exported into branded PDF reports, all at the click of a button. Reports can be generated based upon monthly project performance, KPI output, social value measurement, client satisfaction, and supply chain performance.

Effortless collaboration with project stakeholders

Collaboration is at the heart of the Compliance Chain platform. Individual project dashboards and inbuilt reports can be shared with the entire project team including the end-user client, design team, project manager, and contactor partner. The project owner can invite multiple members from each organisation into the project and manage read only or edit rights.
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Construction project management software is a digital solution, designed to streamline and enhance the planning, execution, and oversight of construction projects.

Compliance Chain project management software offers a wide range of tools and features to help construction professionals efficiently manage tasks such as project scheduling, live end-to-end project reporting for various construction stages, a dynamic KPI dashboard, the creation of professional case studies enabling clear communication.

Our software facilitates collaboration among project teams, ensures project timelines are met, helps control costs, and enhances overall project visibility. Our project management software ultimately empowers our clients and principal contractors to deliver projects more effectively, on time, and within budget while maintaining quality and client satisfaction.
Construction projects require project management software to effectively address the complex and multifaceted challenges that occur during a project’s lifecycle. Compliance Chain project management software streamlines project planning, scheduling, and ensures tasks are coordinated efficiently. We provide real-time project visibility and data-driven insights, enabling quick responses to issues and changes, ultimately leading to improved project outcomes, reduced delays, and enhanced profitability in a highly competitive industry.
Compliance Chain enhances efficiency by centralising project data, streamlining communication and presenting your tasks and KPIs in a clear concise interface. Collaboration among project teams is achieved by multiple stakeholders having visibility and an overview of a project through our dashboard. This enables g quick decision-making and issue resolution. Manage all your data and export them into reports you can share with your company and save time and energy by making more informed decisions.
Our Construction project management software is designed with scalability and adaptability in mind, making it the ideal solution our principal contractors and public sector clients. Our Project Management function is free for our public sector clients and just £10.95 a day for principal contractors, we provide a comprehensive tool for a competitive price. This includes adding as many users as you require along with as many projects as you need all for a fixed yearly fee.

We’re here for the journey. Our commitment to your success goes beyond just providing cutting-edge project management construction software; it extends to offering the support you need, when you need it. Here’s how we continue to support our members by:

  • Answering ‘How to’ questions (support library with guides/videos will also be provided)
  • Sharing information around system updates
  • Demonstrations for new starters and system updates
  • Engagement sessions
  • Monthly check-ins
  • Onboarding new members
  • Supporting your suppliers with memberships and signup
  • Ensuring your suppliers stay verified & compliant

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