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Construction Project Management
Project Management

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Capture live data
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Efficient Execution

With a robust plan in place, you can transition seamlessly into the handover and aftercare phases From pre-construction to live construction phases, our platform allows you to meticulously track projects, facilitating streamlined communication, real-time progress monitoring, and proactive issue resolution. This proactive management approach ensures projects stay on track, delivering results that exceed expectations while maintaining high standards of quality and compliance.


Report and Analyse Project KPIs

Report and analyse key performance indicators for your projects effortlessly with Compliance Chain Construction Project Management.


Our user-friendly platform empowers users to seamlessly report and analyse data across all their projects in one central location. Define your KPIs from time management, cost management, fair-payment, safety management, sustainability, and client satisfaction KPIs.


Enjoy access to live reporting data and export comprehensive reports into professionally branded PDF documents.


Export Your PDFs

Effortlessly export data from each project reporting section into professionally branded PDF reports with a simple click. Generate reports based on monthly project performance, KPI output, and client satisfaction.


These PDF reports provide a polished, cohesive presentation of project progress, making it easy to share updates with stakeholders and demonstrate accountability. Customise reports to align with branding guidelines, ensuring a professional and consistent representation of your organisation.

Communicate Project Information

Share your key updates with stakeholders. The essence of the Compliance Chain platform lies in fostering collaboration. Project dashboards and built-in reports are designed for sharing among the entire project team, including the end-user client, design team, project manager, and contractor partner. Project owners can extend invitations to multiple members from each organisation, allowing them to manage read-only or edit rights within the project.

Capture live data
Capture live data2

Receive Real-Time Data

Throughout the entire project lifecycle, you can gather real-time data for enhanced project success.

With our collaborative space, buyers will receive a unified reporting platform. Our reporting feature captures essential project details on a monthly basis, spanning the project lifecycle from pre-construction and construction to handover and aftercare.


You can confidently navigate every stage of the project lifecycle, from inception to completion, with clarity and precision.



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Construction Project Management

Compliance Chain’s comprehensive Construction Project Management services are where innovation meets efficiency to ensure the success of your construction projects.

Our software provides an innovative solution for managing construction projects. Leveraging cutting-edge technology and a strong commitment to compliance, it is designed to efficiently guide your construction endeavours from their inception to completion.

We understand the intricacies of the construction industry. Our construction project management software helps you navigate challenges, mitigate risks, and aids in delivering projects that exceed expectations.

Understanding the intricacies of the construction industry is what we do best and our Construction Project Management software helps you navigate challenges, mitigate risks, and deliver projects that exceed expectations.

Our client-centric approach ensures clear communication, collaboration, and responsiveness to your needs, making Compliance Chain the ideal partner for seamless and successful construction project management.

Why choose Compliance Chain?

For strategic management in the construction industry, Compliance Chain is the platform for project managers and construction companies. Providing effective risk management, project planning, and technical knowledge all in one place for the UK construction industry.


Compliance Chain embraces cutting-edge technology to enhance project management efficiency, streamline communication, monitor progress, and address any issues promptly.

From project tracking and project management software to virtual collaboration tools for support, we leverage the latest innovations to keep projects on schedule and within budget. We offer seamless integration to make the transition over to the Compliance Chain as simple as possible.

We prioritise clear communication, collaboration, and responsiveness to buyer needs. Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal, and we work tirelessly to exceed your expectations.

Our client-centric approach is deeply rooted in providing exceptional support and assistance. You are not only supported with any queries you may have, Compliance Chain delivers prompt responses, ensuring your concerns are addressed efficiently and your experience with us remains seamless and satisfactory.

Compliance Chain has a proven track record of helping deliver successful construction projects on time and within budget. Our satisfied clients stand as a testament to our commitment to excellence and our ability to turn visions into reality.

When you choose a Compliance Chain, you choose a partner with a track record of success with a dedicated focus on quality, efficiency, and client satisfaction.

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