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Compliance Chain is the construction industry software solution. Our construction software is specialised and designed to streamline the various processes within the construction industry and your construction business.

Our software is meticulously designed to facilitate construction project management, resource management, supplier compliance, financial due diligence, project reporting, and social value delivery, all within one user-friendly, cloud-based system.

Our construction management software can help meet your unique needs. With our construction project management software, we help project managers, contractors, architects, engineers, and other stakeholders involved in the supply chain management, project planning, social value delivery and execution of construction projects.

Construction software typically encompasses a range of functionalities aimed at enhancing project management, communication, collaboration, and overall efficiency in the construction process.

With our cloud-based system at your fingertips, you can unlock the key to efficiency. Whether you are a buyer or supplier, you can make use of our systems by managing construction projects effectively and demonstrating your compliance. If you are an approved supplier at the bronze, silver, gold, or platinum level, you will be able to be active within the buyer search function. This will increase your visibility and show you are compliant to industry standards.

Construction Software

Our construction software is used to help construction companies in both the public and private sector organisations. We have been improving the efficiency of buyers across the UK, and we continue to help more and more who choose to use our construction software to streamline their business processes.

The adoption of cloud-based systems is a game-changer. Our construction software at Compliance Chain leverages the power of the cloud to seamlessly integrate and streamline critical processes. Unlike traditional on-premise solutions, our cloud-based system ensures accessibility anytime, anywhere, fostering collaboration among project stakeholders.

This approach enhances flexibility, allowing construction professionals to access real-time dashboards with project data, update information, and generate reports on the go.Furthermore, the cloud’s scalability enables our platform to adapt to the evolving needs of construction projects, ensuring that users benefit from the latest features and innovations without the burden of manual updates.

Embracing cloud technology in construction software not only revolutionises the way projects are managed but also sets a new standard for efficiency, collaboration, and adaptability in the dynamic construction industry.

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Our construction software responds to the industry’s needs by offering construction management tools to stay organised and effectively capture and easily manage day-to-day activities all in one place. The right software provides a modern and user-friendly solution. With our systems, we have answered the industry’s plea for a modern, cohesive, and user-friendly software solution.

The necessary data is readily available to all project teams and members who need to access it. Compliance Chain’s straightforward design guarantees that data entry is a hassle-free experience for all participants in the process.

At Compliance Chain, we have recognised the gaps in existing tools and have embarked on a journey to develop a platform that seamlessly integrates supplier compliance, financial due diligence, project reporting, and social value delivery. Industry feedback highlighted a critical need for an all-encompassing solution. This is why we created the construction software that has it all.

Why choose Compliance Chain?

Discover the unparalleled capabilities that distinguish our construction software to elevate your projects.

Say goodbye to the complexities of supplier compliance and discover true control of your supply chain from pre-construction to project completion.

Our platform streamlines the process, ensuring that your suppliers meet the required standards and regulations. Search for new suppliers on a wider scale, check accreditations, review currency, and analyse live financial data.

Effortlessly organise your key partners under single dashboards. Buyers have the flexibility to create project-specific dashboards, simplifying the view in one user-friendly interface.

Generate high-quality reports with robust reporting tools across all of your projects with ease, make informed decisions and keep all stakeholders on the same page.

Tailor your experience with our platform by setting the KPI’s for your project reports for the pre and live construction phases. You have the power to manage, access, live reporting data and effortlessly export reports into branded PDF project documents with just a click.

Compliance Chain is committed to delivering social value through projects, our software helps your entire project. Streamline your social value activities. Set and secure your social value targets right from the project’s outset using national measures.

Easily track progress using user-friendly tools for uploading evidence. Buyers can also download and print branded PDF reports summarising all project social value activities. These reports serve as valuable case studies, supporting future bid writing endeavours.


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Collaborate with Stakeholders

At Compliance Chain, we believe that success lies in collaboration. Our platform is the result of extensive collaboration with framework providers, public sector client organisations, contractors, and subcontractors.

By actively involving all key stakeholders, we ensured that our construction software met the unique needs of every project participant.

Our platform is used to review the ongoing compliance and financial standing of subcontractors, implement live monthly project reporting, and ensure projects are delivering demonstrable social value in line with national measures.

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Our all-in-one solution seamlessly integrates supplier compliance, financial due diligence, project reporting, and social value management, all with a friendly interface. Many of the existing systems out there were criticised for being ‘difficult to navigate,’ ‘not user-friendly,’ and providing ‘poor quality output reports.’

At Compliance Chain, we have provided a solution to this and have stepped in to fill this void. We offer a singular platform that brings together all the essential components of construction. So, no more toggling between different platforms.With a user-friendly interface, it simplifies complex processes for everyone on your team. Experience unparalleled efficiency, high-quality output reports, and industry-leading features developed in collaboration with key stakeholders.

Contact us today if you have any questions, or browse through our website for more information.