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Compliance Chain brings the power of data to a series of platform upgrades.

Compliance Chain has launched further updates to its cloud-based construction management software, aiming to bring the power of data to construction project planning.

Developments began in February 2023 after engagement sessions with hundreds of private sector contractors found that over 52% of project managers and supply chain managers found difficulty managing and storing large quantities of data, yet over 86% agreed data collection is key to a project’s success.

The updates are said to support supply chain managers, who can use the tool as an internal management system that tracks the performance of their supply chain across their projects.

The platform allows users to score their supply chain based on several KPIs, from health and safety to quality and social value. The scores can only be viewed across those in the same organisation and show a clear picture of regional and national supply chain performance, helping its users leverage high-performing suppliers.

Further to this, platform users can view how much they have spent with each supplier to date, which projects they have worked on, as well as their overall and individual project performances.

These updates aim to help construction companies make informed decisions about whether to assign a supplier to their latest projects based on their previous packages and work performances and to have a national bird’s-eye view of where supply chain spending is going and where it is lacking.

Compliance Chain has emphasised data collection within their updates by adding a reporting function to their Project Management offering that allows users to capture live data across the entire project lifecycle.

Platform members can now create bespoke KPIs by creating questions personal to their projects and reporting against them. Data from any published reports is then pulled through into a bespoke project dashboard, providing end-to-end control by helping to highlight live progress as well as any potential concerns.

The upgrades to the platform have been led by steering groups that are made up of platform members, construction contractors, and public sector bodies.

Adam Cochrane, Head of Operations at Compliance Chain, added, “In construction, data should be king. We have spoken with hundreds of key stakeholders within the built environment and their feedback highlighted that not enough emphasis is placed on the collection and storage of data in the industry.”

“The new updates allow users to report, store, manage, and act on the data that is collected throughout a project’s lifecycle. The new tools have been built from the ongoing feedback we have received from steering groups, who believe the updates will help them make informed decisions on current and future projects.”

Compliance Chain clients will have full access to the new updates from 23rd October 2023.

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