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Meet the Buyer: Burmor Construction

Get to know Burmor Construction.

We caught up with Compliance Chain Buyer Burmor Construction on their journey with us, the importance of digitalisation and advice for subcontractors looking to work with them.

Who are Burmor and where are you based?

Burmor Construction is a family-run Main Contractor based in Market Deeping. Since our beginnings in 1978 as a trusted local builder, we have grown into an experienced multi-disciplinary contractor and developer operating across the UK. We specialise in the design and construction of Affordable Housing, Industrial Projects, Commercial Projects and Private Developments. We pride ourselves on a positive culture, and retaining excellent relationships with clients in the public and private sectors is a testament to our quality of work.


How important is the early adoption of new technologies?

Early adoption of technologies is important because it allows you to engage with subcontractors at the right time of procurement. Trying to apply technologies later down the line may prove more challenging, but having familiarisation and consistency there from the beginning means that everyone is on board.

Compliance Chain is constantly developing to keep up with industry demand. They take the views of their buyers seriously, which results in a platform that is suitable for construction processes. As we continue to expand as a business, Compliance Chain is providing a platform that supports the growth and needs of the client.


How were you first introduced to Compliance Chain?

We have been on the Procure Partnerships Framework for the last 4 years, and the framework uses the Compliance Chain system to manage awarded projects. It gave us an insight into what we could achieve for all projects, not just those awarded through the framework.


How important is it to communicate efficiently with your supply chain?

Communication forms trust and relationships, which are both crucial for a successful construction project. Without proper communication and communication lines, it becomes a hurdle that you have to overcome. Having good communication from the beginning sets a benchmark for the duration of the project.

The monthly reporting tool allows us to communicate with the client and sub-contractors alike. This provides transparency and a distribution platform that enables a central hub of information and project development updates. It also allows the subcontractor to showcase the work they are doing for us, thus raising their profile.


What advice would you give to subcontractors looking to work with Burmor?

To be transparent from the outset, if you are not honest, whether there is a positive or negative outcome, planning and adjustments become difficult. It is important to not take on a job if you don’t have the resources, but equally, if you have the resources, do deliver a continuous good service across all projects and not get complacent.


What is the most beneficial function of Compliance Chain to Burmor and why?

We are seeing an increasing demand for the delivery of social value on projects, and being able to offer a reporting platform for social value add-ons is proving to be an excellent tool for both us and the client. It’s an intelligent function that provides a monetary value for reporting purposes and is invaluable in monitoring progress throughout the build.

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