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Top Construction Project Management Strategies That Work

Top Construction Project Management Strategies That Work

Effective construction project management is vital. Having management strategies in place is essential to ensure construction projects can be completed on time and within budget.

There are numerous construction project management strategies out there to utilise, but which ones work best to drive project success? To find out more about the top project management strategies in the construction industry, continue reading.

1 – Choose the Right Contractor

Choosing the right contractor is crucial. A skilled contractor should bring a range of skills and expertise while making sure that construction projects are being completed at a high standard.

Experienced contractors are often required to provide a proven track record of delivering work that’s both precise and at an impeccable standard while showing they’re able to adhere to specifications, rules, and regulations.

Contractors should provide relevant experience, safety practices, and proof of being able to schedule and budget. It’s important to check potential contractors’ technical history and personnel to ensure they’re best suited to the project at hand.

Contractors are responsible for planning, managing, and executing the project while monitoring and controlling team members. 

The Common Assessment Standard by Built UK includes industry-agreed questions among corresponding assessment standards for the pre-qualification of suppliers.

At Compliance Chain, we prequalify all contractors and subcontractors when onboarding them to our platform, in line with the Common Assessment Standard and PAS 91. 

We have a clear understanding of the tools available to help choose the right contractor and can guarantee that our members are up to industry standards.


2 – Streamline Your Communication Process

Undoubtedly, communication is important throughout every stage of any construction project. To achieve a successful project, there must be clear communication between both the project owner and project teams.

From the start of the bidding process down to the construction phase, communication should be maintained throughout. As the construction industry enters a new era of technology and digitalisation, more techniques and practices are being utilised to ensure communication and efficiency.

Although many tools, such as augmented reality (AR), are being used to enhance the visualisation process, they’ve allowed for better planning and delivery of construction projects, bettering communication as a whole.

BIM technology has been favoured by companies across the globe; it allows construction project managers to share 3D models of projects with various team members, who can then share it with others in real-time. BIM enhances efficiency, reduces errors and fosters better collaboration among stakeholders.


3 – Utilise Automated Reporting Systems

Project managers don’t have the time to reply to hundreds of emails per day. It’s important to have systems in place that can make dealing with the likes of budgeting and progress reporting a little easier.

By implementing automated reporting systems, you can cut down on excess correspondence. Automated reporting systems are handy software tools that help structure your data.

They help generate business reports without the need for manual intervention. Automated report systems offer many benefits to those operating within the construction industry.

Ultimately, these systems streamline the sometimes difficult reporting process, offering accuracy while reducing the risk of human error

Automated reporting is advantageous for the construction industry, as precise information is key when making decisions and completing a project plan.

At Compliance Chain, you can quickly and easily download your reports into PDFs whenever you need and send them to your stakeholders to allow them access to vital information.


4 – Perfect The Handover Process

Commonly referred to as project handover, construction handover marks the final phase of a project. It involves transferring the completed build from the construction team to either the client or owner.

The handover process is significant, as responsibility shifts from one to another. During the handover process, you’ll need to ensure all project requirements have been met, and any relevant documentation, including plans, permits, and warranties are ready to hand over to the client.

Some challenges can arise during handover, from miscommunication to poor expectations. Any type of misunderstanding can be tedious to deal with, affecting all involved, including the developer, and project owner.


5 – Utilise Compliance Chain

At Compliance Chain, we can help boost visibility while giving you oversight on your projects through:

  • Supply Chain Management
  • Project Management
  • Social Value Management

We build trust while ensuring quality management across the construction industry. At Compliance Chain, our platform can ultimately streamline your processes – it can help you gain visibility and access new business opportunities – all whilst showing total compliance to industry standards.

Utilise the ‘delivery of your milestones’ feature – this allows you to track your progress clearly and allocate resources efficiently. You can programme your delivery in one central location using Compliance Chain.

Our platform allows you to score your supply chain based on your chosen KPIs – from health and safety to social value. This gives your regional teams oversight of your entire supply chain and their performance for your company.

We have effective project management solutions available, where you’re able to invite an unlimited amount of stakeholders to a project, which allows full visibility and transparency over your projects.

You’ll also have the ability to export reports into PDFs and send them over to any interested parties. This process is great for providing overviews to stakeholders.

Additionally, our platform allows you to access reports in an instant and share them among project stakeholders. Request a demo or download our brochure to get started with Compliance Chain today and begin streamlining your operations!

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